LE 96-150

Type 1 – LE 96-150

The Type l LE 96-150 has all the features you need in an ambulance. The LE 96-150 is designed to maximize medic maneuverability at the same time maximizing storage space and offering 68” or 72” of headroom and custom console.

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The Type l LE 96-150 is available on the Ford and Dodge chassis.

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Ford F350 4×2

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Ford F350 4×4

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Ford F450 4×2

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Ford F450 4×4

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Dodge 4500 4×2

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Dodge 4500 4×4

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Type l LE 96-150 Features/Benefits


The power distribution system has the best of both worlds. We combined individual printed circuit boards on a rail system with standard automotive relay and circuit breaker technology. You get the high reliability of printed circuit boards with the infield serviceability of readily available automotive replacement parts. We designed these circuit boards to meet stringent military specifications. They have reverse polarity protection, come with built in diagnostic LED’s, and auto reset circuit breakers. The individual boards quickly snap in and out for replacement requiring no special tools. One of the most maintenance free systems on the market.

Ducted Heat/AC

Leader engineered the shape of the duct to maximize even air flow and to provide you with the remarkably fast and efficient exchange of air in the patient compartment. We put the vents on the upper left of the full length of the vehicle near the ceiling in order to provide conditioned air directly to the patient and medics. With six adjustable vents you will be able to put the air where you need it to warm up or cool down immediately.

Emergency Start System

A feature that has been helping medics for over twenty five years. The Leader Emergency Start System provides an isolated secondary battery for those critical moments when your primary battery fails you. Included is an emergency start switch that indicates when the system has been activated so corrective action can be taken by your service personnel.

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Type 1 – LE 96-150 Specifications

  • All aluminum module
  • Cab to module access in pass through
  • LED warning and scene lights, Whelen SurfaceMax
  • LED turn, brake, reverse and FMVSS marker lights
  • LED strip lighting in exterior compartments
  • LED Running board lights
  • 100,000 CP Handheld Spotlight, LED, hard wired
  • Power activated door locks installed on patient compartment access doors. Activated via (OEM) door lock switches in cab, w/ (2) patient compartment door lock switches – (mounted on interior bezels)
  • M1 Streetside front compartment for O2 storage
  • M2 Streetside intermediate compartment for equipment storage and folding stretcher
  • M3 Streetside rear compartment for spare tire and/or equipment storage
  • M4 Curbside rear compartment for backboard
  • M6 Curbside forward upper compartment for jump kit access
  • M7 Curbside forward lower compartment for battery storage with slide out tray
  • Cab Running Boards, polished aluminum diamond plate running boards with mud flap
  • Leader built custom center console with switch panel, meters, indicators, and a fully programmable siren with diagnostic LED’s w/ (2) cup holders and map storage under lid w/ (2) 12-volt high output USB ports
  • All switches have indicators with LED backlighting which is virtually maintenance free
  • Voltage meter, console mounted, 0 – 18 volts
  • Amperage meter, console mounted, with remote induction sensor
  • Map box with (3) polycarbonate dividers, attaches to rear of center console
  • The overhead includes dual driver and passenger LED courtesy and map lights
  • Patient compartment dome lighting and Heat/AC are controllable from both patient area and cab
  • (8) flush mount LED dome lights in patient compartment
  • Rear View Camera System
  • Action area control center with dual oxygen outlets, built in suction system, 110V & 12V Outlets and dual USB charging port
  • Emergency digital time manager clock with multiple modes
  • Action wall countertop to be made of solid surfacing material
  • CPR seat with (1) IMMI Per4Max restraint, storage below bottom cushion
  • Squad bench has two (2) IMMI Per4Max seat belts with individual backrests. Quick release cargo net at head-end of bench
  • Full length cabinet over squad bench with top hinged polycarbonate doors
  • Ducted Heat/AC provides an efficient even flow of air throughout the vehicle with (6) directional air vents
  • For more efficient restocking a digital timer wired to bench dome lights is provided
  • Leader designed rear step bumper for extra safe traction and long-term durability
  • Privacy tint on all patient compartment widows
  • High conspicuity band on interior of entrance doors for greater night visibility when doors are open
  • Liquid Spring Rear Suspension standard
  • Additional strap supports on both cab doors to prevent hinge stress
  • Cab to Module access in Crawl Through
  • M5 Curbside intermediate compartment for equipment storage
  • Air conditioning auxiliary condenser, (dual fan) located underbody
  • Auto-eject Shore Power, 120V, 15 amp, behind driver door, to female plug in inverter compartment
  • Power door locks for exterior compartment doors. (Except Battery Compartment door)
  • Low Frequency Siren – Whelen “Howler”, includes (2) speakers, & (1) drivers side “Linemaster” foot switch
  • Power inverter and battery charger – Xantrex, Freedom, HW-1000W, w/ auto transfer, (connected to electrical outlets and shoreline)
  • Electric switched oxygen with digital read-out, replaces manual system, includes manual by-pass
  • Hidden Door Lock Switch
  • Restocking frames on upper overhead cabinets
  • Air outlet, action area, Puritan Bennett, Ohio style quick release, plumbed to an additional medical air storage bracket
  • Small Bottle Oxygen Holders
  • Custom cabinet layouts are available


Type 1 – LE 96-150 Chassis

Chassis Model WB Engine Alternator Batteries Fuel
Ford F350 4×2 169 6.7 V8 397 2 Diesel
Ford F350 4×4 169 6.7 V8 397 2 Diesel
Ford F450 4×2 169 6.7 V8 397 2 Diesel
Ford F450 4×4 169 6.7 V8 397 2 Diesel
Dodge 4500 4×2 168.5 6.7 I6 Dual 220 2 Diesel
Dodge 4500 4×4 168.5 6.7 I6 Dual 220 2 Diesel

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