Type 3 Ambulances

Our Type 3 modular ambulances are built with Leader-designed features that help get the job done. Designed to meet BLS, ALS and CCT requirements, these models provide the flexibility to accommodate critical medical and fire equipment.

Leader’s Type 3 ambulances are built to last and available on various cutaway chassis platforms including Ford, Chevy, and Mercedes. All our Type 3 modules can be remounted to extend the service life of your ambulance.

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The Type 3 – LE 94-148 modular ambulance is built on a Ford E350 chassis and offers standard Leader designed features.

The Type 3 – LE 96-170 is designed for those who need a full size ambulance with additional storage space and additional payload.

The Type 3 – LE 96-170 CCT is a full size heavily featured model designed specifically for Critical Care Transport.

The Mercedes-Benz LE 86-148 Type 3 accommodates the narrow track axle while still meeting BLS and ALS requirements.

Looking for Something Specific?

From supervisor vehicles to international ambulances, Leader has the engineering expertise to build custom vehicles to meet customer needs.

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