CE Ford Transit Medium Roof

Type 2 – CE Ford Transit Medium Roof

Leader developed the Type 2 – CE Ford Transit Medium Roof for providers based upon ergonomics, patient care, current equipment requirements and safety.

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  • Available Engines – 3.7 L V6 Gasoline
  • GVWR 9,000 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 147.6 inches
  • Ambulance Prep Package
  • 25 Gal Fuel Tank
  • 250 Amp Alternator
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Ford Transit T-250 Mid Roof

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The Type 2 – CE Ford Transit Medium Roof includes features that provide a safe and ergonomic environment.

O2 Load Assist System (OLAS)

Leader developed an oxygen bottle loading system to easily load the main oxygen tank (M Size) without having to manually lift the tank into the bulkhead horizontal cabinet.

Max-Opening cabinets

All cabinets have been redesigned to give 100% opening access. The revolutionary design allows all sliding cabinet doors to open completely providing more efficient storage of medical supplies.

Cockpit style seating

Leader has redesigned the ambulance layout to allow EMT/Paramedic to provide highly effective patient care while remaining safely buckled into a four-point harness seat belt system.

Starting with the Per4Max seat belt system that allows extended movement combined with a redesigned interior to maximize workflow while caring for the patient.

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  • A full complement Whelen SurfaceMax LED warning and scene lights
  • Front and Rear Warning Light Pods
  • Overhead Cab Console, all switches have LED indicators and LED backlighting which is virtually maintenance free
  • Map box centered between the two seats
  • Anti-glare shade separating cab from patient area
  • Cab is sealed off from patient area to reduce short-term exposure
  • Voltage meter in overhead cab console, 0 – 18 volts”
  • Low Voltage Warning Device, indicator lamp if voltage drops below 11.8 volts
  • Center Console for radios with attached open storage extension
  • LED patient compartment dome lighting and Heat/AC are controllable from both patient area and cab
  • 64” overhead grab rail
  • (1) assist handle at side entrance door and (2) upper assist handles at rear doors
  • Cargo net at the head end of the squad bench that can be relocated to ceiling for soft storage above the squad bench
  • Oxygen system, Ohio style quick release, (2) outlets in action wall panel
  • Aspirator, action wall area, flush mount panel and gauge, dual containers in cabinet below Action Area which allows for more counter surface availability.
  • (6) LED dome lighting in patient compartment
  • Action area control center with built in suction system, 110V & 12V Outlets and dual USB charging port
  • High back attendant seat with IMMI Per4Max seat belt
  • Slide out airway drawer accessible from attendant seat
  • Squad bench has two (2) IMMI Per4Max seat belts
  • Squad bench provides recessed storage for sharps container, waste and sanitation wipes
  • Dry-erase board located on streetside rear accessible from squad bench
  • Ducted Heat/AC provides an efficient even flow of air throughout the vehicle with (5) directional air vents
  • Restocking timer activates streetside domes
  • Portable O2 bottle storage, (1) next to main oxygen tank
  • Slanted back board compartment offers durability with space saving ergonomic design
  • Rear access horizontal folding stretcher storage with easy slide feature that minimizes unsafe lifting
  • Transverse horizontal storage for main oxygen tank provides a safe storage design for easy and ergonomic loading with the O2 Load Assist System (OLAS)
  • Power inverter and battery charger – Xantrex, Freedom, HW-1000W, w/ auto transfer, (connected to electrical outlets and shoreline)
  • Additional Rear Interior Loading Lights for greater visibility when loading the cot
  • OEM Rear View Camera System
  • Privacy tint windows
  • Optional accessories mounts for glove storage, helmet storage, coat hooks, soft packs, IV holders and BP cuff/stethoscope
  • Auto-eject shoreline


Transit 250 Medium Roof

Chassis Model WB Engine Alternator Batteries Fuel
Ford Transit MR RWD 250 148 3.5L EcoBoost 250 2 Gas

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