Type 2 Ambulances

Years of collaborating with our customers has resulted in Type 2 van ambulances that take full advantage of the van body shape for a more efficient and ergonomically designed work environment.

Our Ford Transit mid-roof ambulance provides affordability without sacrificing functionality, while our Ford Transit high-roof and Mercedes Sprinter ambulances provide increased headroom and storage space.

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The Type 2 – CE Ford Transit Medium Roof was designed around ergonomics, patient care, current equipment requirements and safety.

The Type 2 – SE Transit Medium Roof has all the features you need for a Type 2 ambulance-ready vehicle with a headroom of 69″.

The Type 2 – SE Ford Transit High Roof has all the features of the Transit Medium Roof with increased headroom.

The Type 2 – LE Ford Transit High Roof with headroom of 74″ has all the basic features you need plus a large array of additional features that are unmatched in the industry in quality and value.

The Type 2 – SE Mercedes-Benz Sprinter has all the features you need for an ambulance ready vehicle. The SE is designed to take full advantage of the Sprinter body shape with headroom of 74″.

The Type 2 – LE Mercedes-Benz Sprinter offers traditional and additional high-quality Type 2 features.

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From supervisor vehicles to international ambulances, Leader has the engineering expertise to build custom vehicles to meet customer needs.

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