SE Ford Transit High Roof

Type 2 – SE Ford Transit High Roof

The Type 2 – SE Ford Transit High Roof has all the features of the Transit Medium Roof with increased headroom of 78″ (vs. 69″ for a medium roof).

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  • 3.7 L V6 Gas Engine
  • GVWR 9,500 lbs.
  • Wheelbase: 147.6 inches
  • Ambulance Prep Package
  • 25 Gal Fuel Tank
  • 250 Amp Alternator
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Ford Transit T-350 High Roof


The SE Transit High Roof is designed to maximize medic maneuverability at the same time optimizing storage space.

SE Backboard

Slanted Backboard Storage

The Leader backboard storage is designed for quick rear door access. We slanted the storage compartment to provide an ergonomically correct squad bench that is the not too high and provides needed foot space.

SE Ducted

Ducted Heat/AC

Leader engineered the shape of the duct to maximize even air flow and to provide you with the fastest most efficient exchange of air in the patient compartment. We put the vents on the upper streetside the full length of the vehicle near the ceiling in order to provide conditioned air directly to the patient and medics. With five adjustable vents you will be able to put the air where you need it to warm up or cool down immediately.

LE Ford Emergency Start

Overhead Switch Console

Leader has designed the cab headliner in order to move the switches and siren overhead. Making it easier for the driver to remain focused on the road without having to look down to locate the appropriate switch. This frees up more space in the dash area for radios, laptops and MDT (mobile data terminals).

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Chassis Model WB Engine Alternator Batteries Fuel
Ford Transit MR RWD 250 148 3.5L EcoBoost 250 2 Gas
Ford Transit MR AWD 350 148 3.5L EcoBoost 250 2 Gas

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Have questions about our products or services? We’d love to hear from you.