April 30, 2014

Leader Awarded as Mercedes Benz Sprinter Preferred Upfitter

Leader Awarded as Mercedes Benz Sprinter Preferred Upfitter

The Sprinter is the leading commercial van for upfitters. It delivers a solid base for every upfit – and a well-respected brand name. That means the title as a Sprinter Preferred Upfitter is a measurable competitive advantage. The shared desire for utmost customer satisfaction is supported 24/7 by providing each Sprinter Preferred Upfitter with a comprehensive toolbox that includes preferred access to technical information, preferred logo usage, dedicated engineering support, ship-thru/ship-to3 capabilities and customized marketing tools.

Customer benefits gained from doing business with Sprinter Preferred Upfitters

  • 3-year/36,000-mile Basic Limited Warranty - Sprinter Preferred Upfitters agree to match the 3-year/36k-mile limited warranty which extends to cover components and installations that meet the high-quality standards customers expect from a Sprinter.

  • Value-added Vehicle Programming - Exclusive options and customized vehicle programming are available to make even complex upfits seamless and hassle-free.

See More: http://www.mbsprinterusa.com/upfitters-and-body-builders/find-upfitter/ca/ambulance