LE 150-96

Type I

LE 150-96

The Type l LE 150-96  has all the features you need in an ambulance.  The LE 148-96 is designed to maximize medic maneuverability at the same time maximizing storage space and offering 68” or 72” of headroom and custom console. Click on SPECS for chassis platforms.

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  • Ford F350 4x2, F450 4x2, F450 4x4, Dodge 3500 4x2, Dodge 4500 4x2, Dodge 4500 4x4
  • Liquid Spring Suspension standard on Type 1’s
  • Alcoa Aluminum Wheels and chrome hub and nut covers


  • All aluminum module
  • Cab to module access in pass through or crawl through configurations
  • A full complement of LED emergency and on scene lighting to provide maximum visibility.
  • Seven (7) LED lights across the front of the module in lieu of a light bar provides maximum flexibility and lower maintenance costs.
  • LED Module side and rear warning lights
  • LED grill and forward intersection lights).
  • LED turn, stop, and back up taillights.
  • LED Scene and Load lights
  • LED strip lighting in exterior compartments.
  • LED Running board lights
  • 100,000 CP Handheld Spotlight, LED, hard wired.
  • Power activated door locks installed on patient compartment access doors. Activated via (OEM) door lock switches in cab, w/ (2) patient compartment door lock switches - (mounted on interior bezels).
  • Module to be painted with Sikkens brand acrylic urethane paint.
  • M1 Streetside front compartment for O2 storage.
  • M2 Streetside intermediate compartment for equipment storage.
  • M3 Streetside rear compartment for spare tire and/or equipment storage.
  • M4 Curbside rear compartment for backboard and folding stretcher storage.
  • M5 Curbside intermediate compartment for equipment storage.
  • M6 Curbside forward upper compartment for jump kit access.
  • M7 Curbside forward lower compartment for battery storage with slide out tray.
  • Cab Running Boards, polished aluminum diamond plate running boards with mud flap.
  • Leader built custom center console with switch panel, meters, indicators, and a fully programmable siren with diagnostic LED’s w/ (2) cups holders and map storage under lid w/ (2) 12-volt high output USB ports.
  • All switches have LED indicators and electroluminescent backlighting which is virtually maintenance free.
  • Voltage meter, console mounted, 0 - 18 volts
  • Amperage meter, console mounted, with remote induction sensor
  • Map box with (3) polycarbonate dividers, attaches to rear of center console.
  • The overhead includes dual driver and passenger LED courtesy and map lights.
  • Patient compartment dome lighting and Heat/AC are controllable from both patient area and cab.
  • Eight (8) flush mount LED dome lights in patient compartment.
  • Action area control center with dual oxygen outlets, built in suction system, 110V & 12V Outlets and dual USB charging port.
  • Emergency digital time manager clock with multiple modes.
  • Action wall countertop to be made of solid surfacing material (Gibraltar brand)
  • Full complement of street side cabinetry
  • Custom swing up door locks for added safety, include cable tie hole on all sliding plex access doors
  • CPR seat with two (1) set of IMMI Per4Max seat belts, storage below bottom cushion.
  • Squad bench has two (2) sets of IMMI Per4Max seat belts with individual backrests.
  • Full length cabinet over squad bench with top hinged Plexiglas doors.
  • Net, front end of squad bench, (1), Leader style, (5) Ancra fasteners, (1) ratchet tighter, black 1 1/2” webbing.
  • Ducted Heat/AC provides an efficient even flow of air throughout the vehicle with six directional air vents.
  • For more efficient supplies stocking a Solid-state digital restocking timer wired to bench dome lights s provided.
  • Leader designed rear step bumper for extra safe traction and long-term durability.
  • Privacy tint on all patient compartment widows.
  • High conspicuity band on interior of entrance doors for greater night visibility when doors are open.