We start every vehicle with a work order and drawing’s customized to your specific needs.

Once your order is placed every part of the process is carefully scheduled to ensure that you receive your vehicle by the promise date.

Every vehicle we build is first designed in our 3D modeling software. This enables us to achieve high precision and exact repeatability.

From there we layout all the components and ready them for our CNC Industrial high speed router.

We cut almost all of the components on this machine that allow us to maintain exacting tolerances.

After cutting the pieces are assembled in kits and we begin the assembly process.

We then use a series of machines that enable a high degree of accuracy and durability. Like an edge banding machine that provides a long lasting highly durable finished edge.

And computer controlled precision dual cutting saws for a perfect miter every time.

We then assemble all the cabinet parts.

We also maintain a full machine where we cut all the metal components on a CNC turret punch.

We even build our own electrical harnesses to ensure that you get a reliable vehicle that works every time.

We mix our own paint to avoid waste and to make sure we match your exact colors.

Then it’s into our state of the art final assembly plant where everything comes together.

We practice Lean manufacturing techniques to provide you the best possible value.

Even here we provide our personnel with the equipment and tools to be the best at their job.


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